Lovely to see my painting in the window of the new Whitewall Gallery in Leeds Victoria Quarter. Thank you Whitewall Galleries

Here is some of my recent paintings for sale at The Lemongrove Gallery in Henley on Thames
Tilly’s Tales!!

“We are loving our collection of Lucy Young Artist originals, they capture the beauty of the British seaside perfectly! And with several of our clients off to the beach this weekend… we thought this was a fitting post for today!

My favourite characters… the group sitting around the BBQ in jumpers and welly boots! (We’ve all been there!) Which character would you be?

Contact us for more details on any of Lucy’s work on 01491 577 215″

Happy New Year

2013 was a great Year for my paintings. With the support from my fantastic publisher Demontfort Fine Art I have been developing a series of paintings inspired by the seaside adventures of my beautiful dog Matilda (Tilly). The series is entitled ‘Tilly’s Tails’ and each painting from the series is accompanied by a quirky poem. Keeps your eyes peeled for the Tilly’s Tails series available from Demontfort’s dedicated galleries.

Lucy♥Loves Spring tide tones April 2013

This time of you year is truly magical with the days becoming longer, the plants bursting through with fresh new colours and the beaches starting to look fresh and inviting. This month I was delighted to see people building sandcastles on the beaches already! I love how us British see the sun coming through and head off to the beach no matter how cold it may be, we must have a hardy nature.  We wrap up, take a flask of hot steaming tea, put up a windbreak to have some shelter from the wind and we build sandcastles and dip our toes in the sea!   This painting entitled ‘A Plaice by the Sea’ and is inspired by the spring colours and the Great British spirit.  Warmest wishes from a sunny but cold Dorset coast.

Lucy Young original painting

Lucy Young original painting

Lucy♥Loves Beautiful bowls by Skills for Living students. March 2013

I want to share with you these photographs of the beautiful bowls created by Reading College Skills for Living students.  I feel very touched that this group used my paintings as their inspiration to create such fabulous artistic creations. The use of colour and subtle abstract coastal shapes, I’m sure you’ll all agree ,make these bowls extremely attractive.  Thank you for taking the time to show me and I hope that all the Skills for Living students are continuing such wonderful artistic creations.


Skills for Living

Lucy♥Loves Reflections in the sand! January 2013

Happy New Year to you all.  2012 was a great year and thank to everyone who has continued to support me, I feel very lucky that this is my 7th year of being a a full time professional artist, and still going strong, and I couldn’t be where I am without all of you who choose to buy my work so a big thank you.  And I hope my paintings bring you daily joy.

The weather has been very dramatic this month and especially when my fiance Scott and I visited Cornwall for a weekend of inspiration with our gorgeous dogs.  It was just before the heavy snow and it had been pouring with rain until we reached the glistening shores of a Perranporth, Cornwall.  The sun burst though the cloud and Monty and Tilly went bonkers running around in the surf creating mirror images of themselves in wet silver sand.  A perfect way to start the year and fire me up with fresh new ideas.  I am particularly drawn to the colours of this photo and already I have began creating a painting inspired by this day out.


Happy 2013



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